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Company Profile

Kamakhya Bottlers is essential oils manufacturing company which has been producing pure and impeccable range of natural oils for more than a decade from now. The company with its sophisticated infrastructure and production facilities has taken up to offer contract manufacturing and custom packaging services for its esteemed clients.

Contract Manufacturing in The Best Way: Our contract manufacturing services will help entrepreneurs to build their own brand and win customer loyalty in no time with our finest quality products. We like it to be the customers way and hence, shall produce products according to their requirements while giving them the complete control over the pricing and marketing of the same.

Quality would never be a compromise with our products as we abide by a strict quality control process in our manufacturing facilities. Right from the extraction of herbs to packaging of the oils, everything happens under the supervision of our highly experienced quality experts who are well-aware of the ISO and GMP standards and know what is required to meet them. Hence, our customers can be relaxed and concentrate on other things as we produce the best quality products to represent their brand identity.

So, with our contract manufacturing services, we give our clients an opportunity to be on the top of the game with unique recognition in the market, control over products and day-by-day improving profit margins.

Packaging The Way You Like :Packaging The Way You Like : Kamakhya Bottlers offers custom packaging of essential and carrier oils for its clients who want it to be the way they like with their products. Hence, we offer the various packaging options to befit unique packaging needs like glass bottle packaging, HDPE drum packaging etc. Only the best materials are used and hence, we assure faultless packaging of the products with no wear and tear.

To put it in short, Kamakhya Bottlers is just one-stop shop for essential oils contract manufacturing and custom packaging requirements. We have extensive experience, intense dedication and importantly the unsurpassed infrastructure required to best fulfill our clients’ needs.

Our Strength :
  • Wide Product Range
  • 10 Years’ Experience
  • Free Product Sample
  • High Quality and Competitive Price
  • Prompt Inquiry Response
  • OEM / ODM Service
  • Faster Delivery
  • Fully Automatic Plant For
  • Essential Oil Bottle Filling