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Custom Manufacturing Services

Kamakhya Bottlers is one stop solution for Essential Oil and Carrier Oil Contract Manufacturing and Custom Packaging Demands . Contract Manufacturing allows you to promote the products with your company name with logo on it. This will help you to stand out in Market with unique Own brand Products.

We At Kamakhya Bottlers do contract manufacturing of Essential Oil and Carrier Oil as per requirements of Clients. All Our products manufactured using Standard Techniques as per GMP Norms. We are well equipped with R& D Lab and Quality Control Experts to supervise and Examine the complete manufacturing process of Essential Oils starting from the raw material to finished products.

Why Contract Manufacturing :
• Build Your Brand Name
• Gives you Control Over Production as per Your Requirement
• Gives you Control Over Pricing, Marketing and Sales as well as increase Margin and Profitability
• Helps you to Gain Customer Loyalty

Essential Oil Custom Packaging :
Kamakhya Bottlers is one stop place for Essential Oil Contract Manufacturing and Packaging Needs. Our Packaging Options Includes Glass Bottlers and Large HDPE Drums for Bulk Packaging.

Glass Bottles : 10/30/50/100 ml /oz

Plastic Bottles : 10/30/50/100 ml /oz

HHPE Bottles : 10/30/50/100 ml /oz

HDPE Drums: 1/5/10/25 Kgs

Get in Touch with us for your Essential Oil Contract Manufacturing needs and be at Ease. We will carry out the Complete Process for you till finished products with your brand.

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